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Two incidents inspired me to initiate this project now. The first incident involves one of my children who voted for the very first time in the Presidential election in 2012.   As I showed him how to read his sample ballot, I noticed he had voted for President Obama and I asked him if he was aware of what he was doing.  I shared with him that he was about to vote for a candidate who actively opposes Catholic teachings (the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman, and the protection of the unborn). He expressed his extreme frustration and said there was no use in voting because as a Democrat he would never be able to vote for anyone since few of the candidates were supporting Catholic Core Principles.  He also stated that many of his young Catholic friends were voting for the President because he supported immigration reform. Also, too many friend’s family members had been deported and none of them were supporting Governor Romney and neither would he. I explained that many Catholic immigration activists were not taking their faith into account, and I asked him to be patient until we could find candidates who supported Catholic principles and immigration reform.  He thus could become fully engaged in the public arena.  Consequently, he chose not to vote for either candidate. Observation:  Young people want to be civically active especially because of the immigration issue, they will need options in the form of more Civic Leaders who are aligned to Catholic Core Principles.  The second incident involved a Catholic candidate who wanted me to explain why the Catholic Church was against gay marriage.  I had to give him sound, rational and civic arguments in defending Catholic teaching, but also I reiterated that Hispanic Catholics would inflict a political cost on public officials who actively oppose Catholic teaching, even if they support immigration reform. Observation:  Catholic teachings explaining civic participation in the public arena, must be presented in concise, logical, and rational arguments which can be presented at different education levels.   

Mission and Goals


The mission is to have Latino Catholics remain faithful to Catholic Core Principles while active in civic issues, especially in the area of Immigration Reform.  General Goals 

1.  Learn the Catholic Core Principles regarding human life, marriage, and religious liberty.

2.  Learn how to defend these Catholic Core principles in a modern culture.

3.  Apply these Catholic core principles in the civic arena.  

The Guadalupe Project - Poster Explanation

This poster is designed to guide you in evangelizing first the members of your family, then the members of your parish and finally your community.  The goal is to teach Catholic lay persons, especially Hispanics, how to defend Catholic core principles in these modern times and how to apply them in their civic life. The poster is divided into three sections, the top portions tells you the name of the project and its purpose.  In the middle of the poster is a white ribbon with the picture of the Virgin of Guadalupe, by whom this effort is inspired.  In the background are Marian stars which designate the members of your family to be evangelized and catechized.  Also in the background is a net which is referred to in the biblical citation at the bottom of the poster (Luke 5:4).  We are instructed not to be afraid to do God’s work, we are to evangelize even when the cause appears hopeless.  The catch will be bountiful with prayer and God’s assistance.  At the bottom of the poster are five tablets which will guide you in teaching the members of your family and others how to defend Catholic core principles.  The tablets are reminders of how God gave Moises the Ten Commandments; laws for living which would guide us in maintaining a relationship with Him, leading us to salvation. To start the evangelization process with your family, place their picture over the star that has their title, and then consecrate them to Our Blessed Mother Mary with a short prayer or the Rosary.  Then go talk to the members of your family, following each tablet from left to right to explain the reasons for why we as Catholics support life and not abortion and why we support marriage only between a man and a woman.  The tablets will also guide you in explaining what freedom of religion is and how we or our church should not be forced to follow any government mandates that interfere with our religious beliefs.  Each tablet has accompanying citations from the Bible, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and paragraph sections from specific Church documents.  

The first tablet is we believe in one God.  If the person who is being evangelized does not acknowledge the existence of God, the evangelizer immediately goes to tablet five.  There is no reason to go through tablets two, three, and four because the reasoning and evangelization will fall on deaf ears.

Tablet two affirms the purpose of all human life, which is to be holy.  In the issue of same sex attraction, it principally matters that we are all equally called to the same level of holiness are our actions should so be aligned.

Tablet three affirms God's guidance in all moral matters.  Guidance comes through Holy Scripture, the Catechism, Church documents, and the Magisterium of the Church.

Tablet four affirms the role of the Church in guiding and instructing the Christian on his journey to God.

Tablet five affirms to us that we are in a clash of cultures and we are competing for the future vision of the country.  We will never agree to support laws that violate our faith, the constitution validates our right of conscience, our right to practice our religion free of any mandates.  

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